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As SPS International Group, we pay extreme attention to SPS Privacy Policy principles and agreements in order to prevent clients and our company from any commercial actions, which will turn out to be mutually unbeneficial. Therefore, we only can share information about our former services and projects within the framework of a gentleman’s agreement.
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please kindly reach us at info@spsae.com

Client List

  • Calisolar Sunnyvale California
  • Solexel Milpitas, California
  • Optisolar McClellan California
  • Fujifilm Dimatix Santa Clara California
  • University of California at Santa Cruz Santa Cruz, California
  • University of California, Berkeley Berkeley, California
  • Alta Devices Santa Clara California
  • Magic Technologies Milpitas California
  • Headway Technologies Milpitas California
  • Hitachi Global Storage Technologies, Inc. San Jose, California
  • Agilent Technologies Santa Clara California
  • Seagate Technology Milpitas, California
  • Izen Belgium
  • Novenergia II Sicar Spain
  • Valfortec S.L. Spain
  • SPREE Solar Germany
  • Mecotech France
  • Energeen Italy
  • Solar Diffusion France
  • Ecovoltaic Wustermark, Logow, Germany
  • Spie Mulhouse, France
  • Rodenaes Europe
  • Monovar Europe
  • Pfennighof Europe
  • Benk (Conergy) Europe
  • Cazallia (BP) Europe
  • Neustadt Glewe, Waste Disposal Europe
  • First Solar Installation Europe
  • Madera USA
  • San Diego State University USA
  • Aptos USA
  • Vineland NJ USA
  • Rancho Santa-Fe USA
  • SKR Energie GmbH Saulgau, Germany
  • Phaesun GmbH Memmingen, Germany
  • ClearEnergy GmbH Bayreuth, Germany
  • P.M. Service srl Montebonello, Italy
  • Sun 2 Moon Gassino Torinese Italy
  • Busi Impianti Spa Bologna Italy
  • Biosolar BVBA Zottegem, Belgium
  • WTSolar NV Leuven Belgium
  • American Way Solar zikmunda wintra 7, Czech
  • Granite Bay Energy Roseville, CA