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Solar Water Pump


SWT™ Solar Water Pump Systems are ideal for use in a wide range of solar energy applications. From Livestock Watering to Remote Home or Village Water Supply, these Solar Operated Water Pumps are well suited and proven to meet your water pumping needs using Solar Energy!

New types offered

In order to keep our company's leading position in solar water supply system area , we keep researching new types of PV water supply products to meet the requirements of different customer, industry and fields basing on the clients request and industrial developing direction.

3DS-4 pump system power is smaller, low working power voltage , and lower solar panel power request. It can meet small-scale water demand, especially suitable for villa water supply, family and scape irrigation and other applications.

Solar Water Heater

The solar water heater system is made up of solar collector, solar cylinder with 1pcs copper coil, pump station, controller, expansion vessel and stainless steel frame.

  • Solar tube collector is made with 58x1800mm evacuated heat pipe vacuum tubes, with frame for flat roof.
  • The solar cylinder includes one heat exchange coil inside, a 1500/2500w electrical heater as a backup heater, T/P valve, non-return valve and drain valve.
  • The pump station
  • Controller
  • Expansion vessel
  • Water Tank Capacity 200L

Solar LED Street Lights

  • Energy savings from 50 to 73%.
  • Long Life.
  • Adjustable light beam.
  • No Lumen Depreciation
  • Reduced light pollution.
  • Option to run at half intensity during low traffic hours.
  • Greater resistance to shock and vibrations.
  • Cold start.
  • No audible noise.
  • Constant light intensity throughout temperature range and life.
  • Low glare.
  • Tool less replacement of LED drive and LED arrays

Maintenance Equipements

Solar Panel Maintenance Truck

  • All welded aircraft grade aluminum bodies
  • Smooth finished corners, no exposed seams or welds
  • Rear mounted high visibility safety strobes
  • Long life sealed LED lights & flashers
  • High strength 3" tubular steel bumper
  • Custom interior shelving & storage
  • Solid structural decking for maximum load capacity
  • Curbside operators control center for safety & efficiency
  • Fuel efficient Isuzu, Ford, IH & GMC chassis
  • Commercial grade locking roll-up doors
  • Epoxy primer coat with aviation grade poly finish paint

All SPS Trucks are Custom Fabricated to Your Specifications
"They're Built and Designed to be Spray Trucks, NOT Converted Delivery"
SPS offers a complete line of Deicing & Anti-Icing equipment, to meet all storage dispensing and application needs. SPS has experience in PV panel cleaning since 2004.