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The key to a successful project lies in the detailed planning phase. From project inception, SPS will define the scope of work, time lines, budget and schedules in order to guarantee that your project will be completed on time and within budget.

  • Project Management
  • Site Evaluation and Land Use Approval
  • Permitting and Regulatory Requirements
  • Alternative Energy Assessment
  • Pre-development Services
  • Interconnection Agreement
  • Rebate Application (if relevant)
  • General and Sub-contractor Coordination


The SPS engineering team draws from a long list of solar panel manufacturing facility projects as well as solar farm design experience. Our engineering designs are meticulously planned and executed in order to ensure that the most cost-effective and reliable installation is attained. Source to grid, each electrical system receives special attention from our experienced design team. No part is left out in this completely engineered and tested package.

  • Civil and Geotechnical
  • Electrical
  • Power Conversion
  • Solar Power Farms
  • PV Solar Cell Manufacturing Facilities


With the growing variety of PV panel manufacturers on the market, it must be taken into consideration that each PV module and inverter has it’s own voltage and current characteristics. Custom PV arrays utilizing the most energy efficient layouts are created for our clients’ specific land use options. Our solar array configurations are strategically created by our engineering construction design team to minimize installation and maintenance costs while maximizing energy production.

  • Solar Panels
  • Racking Systems
  • Electrical Equipment
  • Monitoring Systems


SPS prides itself on achieving maximum efficiency, meeting crucial deadlines and maintaining a safe work environment. Our professionals are dedicated to turning a concept into a reality while constantly focusing on schedules, execution, cost and quality.

  • Construction Management
  • Civil and Geotechnical
  • Site Preparation
  • Assembly and Erection
  • Infrastructure


From concept to connection SPS handles all phases of engineering and construction to turn your concept into an energy-producing reality.

  • On-Grid/Off-Grid
  • Route Planning
  • Transmission Design and Construction
  • Interconnection
  • Commissioning