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The case for alternative energy has never been stronger. The last few decades have seen little in terms of innovation from the energy sector. Coal, natural gas, and even oil (with some exceptions) have been relatively inexpensive. As a result, there has not been pressure on the energy industry to innovate. All of that is changing. Oil is more expensive than ever, and there is concern that the available supply of oil will reach its peak. Natural gas is increasing in price as well, which in turn raises the price of electricity.

Pollution and the state of the environment are at the forefront of the world’s concerns. Companies, large and small, are looking more closely than ever at the use of solar power and wind as an alternative source of energy.

Continuous growth and economic development apply tremendous pressure on our natural resources. In areas where central power generation and distribution is lacking or non-existent, new power generation plants must be built to augment existing installations or to provide new services to support rural areas. Due to complex logistics problems in power plant construction and fuel delivery process, employing alternate means of power generation has become essential to our economic development. Therefore, solar power generation has taken the forefront as a leading source of alternative energy.

"At SPS, we have taken on the challenge to harness the power of solar energy through the creation of renewable energy facilities worldwide. By developing solar farms, we can take advantage of our planet’s oldest source of energy while creating an efficient alternative to conventional power generation."

Dr. Ehab Lotfi, PhD
President & CEO,

Company Profile

Established in 1998, Solution Solare Quebec, in 2008 SPS Joint SBK Holding Dubai, UAE and formed Solar Power Solution, biased limited liability company, SPS is a unique global Renewable Energy and power development company. Having six main offices in Canada (Montreal), United Arab Emirates (Dubai), USA (California),Egypt (Cairo), Italy (Milano) and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (Riyadh).

SPS partner with more than 30 top companies, SPS serving many of the leading government agencies, working with private and public finance groups worldwide. SPS has a consistent, permanent and high-level global network covering all the necessary and crucial parties for power development opportunities. The company has a valuable, reliable and broad of directors and a high number of finalized successful projects thanks to its long vast experience, solid governmental and strategic relations.

The core business areas of SPS are energy, our areas of expertise are construction of renewable energy plant in which SPS carries on result driven projects reinforced with large scale financing capability and predominant technical skills.

SPS has a deep understanding of global business segments, strategic issues and impacts that enables us to co act with worldwide cyclical frame. SPS is flexible and can adapt to related specific strategy with our global partners whom we are proud to work with them.

As SPS, we are always proud to be the first stop for all the information, support and guidance our clients need to become a leader in renewable energy.

Management Team